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Wii Console with Mario Kart Wii Bundle - White

Product, Company Information & Actual Customer Feedback

Product Description

Includes: White Wii Console, Mario Kart Wii, White Wii Wheel, White Nunchuk Controller, White Wii Remote Plus.  



Console Choices

PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Models and Pricing (prices may vary) Wii with Mario Kart Wii - $149 160 GB memory - $250
320 GB memory - $300

$258.88 & FREE Shipping
What's in the Box
  • Wii console
  • Wii Mario Kart game
  • One Wii Remote Plus controller
  • One Nunchuk controller
  • Wii Sensor bar
  • Standard composite cable and power cord
  • PS3 console
  • One wireless controller
  • A/V cable for connection to TV
  • USB cable for charging controller
  • Free PlayStation Network (PSN) membership
  • Xbox 360 console
  • One Xbox 360 wireless controller
  • Composite A/V cable (standard definition)
  • A month free Xbox LIVE Gold membership
Motion Gaming? Already included PlayStation Move (sold separately) Kinect for Xbox 360 (sold separately)
Colors (limited edition colors may be available) White and black Black Black
Drive Type CD (just games) CD/DVD/Blu-ray (games, music, movies) CD/DVD (games, music, movies)
Online Play WiiWare PlayStation Network (PSN) Xbox LIVE
Additional Accessories Additional controllers - $10-45 Additional controllers - $40-50 Additional controllers - $40-50
Price Range of Games New releases: ~$30 - $50
Downloadable: ~$5 - $10
New releases: ~$60
Motion: ~$40
Downloadable: ~$5 - $15
New releases: ~$60
Motion: ~$50
Downloadable: ~$5 - $15
Backwards Compatibility Plays all GameCube game titles Offers compatibility with PS1 games Over 300 titles developed for the original Xbox console are currently available
Graphic Quality 480p 1080p 1080p
Great For Designed for Junior to Grandma with titles generally focused on family fun, party games High-powered and highly customizable system for the technical-minded consumers Offers a wide selection of games and accessible entertainment, with user-friendly social tools


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Actual Customers Feedback:

631 of 657 people found the following review helpful
on May 15, 2011
Color Name: BlackNintendo dropped the price of their console to $149.99. The previous console package included Wii Sports and Sports Resort, and these have been replaced with Mario Kart and a Wii Wheel. Nintendo also rolled out a line of popular titles for $19.99. The titles includeNintendo Selects: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess,Nintendo Selects: Animal Crossing: City Folk,Nintendo Selects: Mario Super SluggersandNintendo Selects: Wii Sports. All of these titles are very good.

This happened on May 15th. The question is, all three systems are out and have motion-based gaming. Which console is best to purchase now?

I say Nintendo is an amazing system and still a notch above the rest, especially given the price drop.............
VINE VOICEon May 16, 2011
Color Name: Black
First, if you have an HDTV, you will need special component cables, found here:Component AV Cable for Nintendo Wii to HDTV.

Second, this system only comes with one controller, so you might want to get a second one if you hope to have more than one person playing at a time:Wii Remote Plus - Black. And if you buy a second controller, you'll want a second Nun-chuck attachment:Wii Nunchuk Controller - Black. And maybe a second WiiWheel if you want for Mario Kart:Official Nintendo Wii Wheel. You might also want to get rechargeable batteries for the controllers:Energizer NH15BP-4 Rechargeable AA Battery 4 Pack.

Third, the Wii Sensor Bar can easily be knocked down, so I used Poster Putty to help keep it secure.Duck Poster Putty, Removable/Reusable, Nontoxic, 2 Ounce/Pack (PTY-2)

Finally, the most common complaint you'll hear is that people get tired of playing with the Wii. "There's no good games," or "I'm tired of playing Wii Sports." If you only use any system to play ONE game, you're going to get bored not matter what you're playing. Paying $150 just to play Mario Kart is ridiculous. You need to optimize your investment by getting more games. So here are 52 of the Wii's notable games.

Wii Sports
Wii Play
Wii Sports Resort
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Mario Party 8
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Punch-Out!! (Wii)
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Pikmin (Wii)
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel
ExciteBots: Trick Racing
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Animal Crossing City Folk
Red Steel 2
Zack & Wiki Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
Sin and Punishment: Star Successor
Wario Land: Shake It!
A Boy and His Blob
Geometry Wars: Galaxies
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Boom Blox
Boom Blox Bash Party
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
Monster Hunter Tri
Little King's Story
Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
Okami (Wii)
GoldenEye 007 (Wii)
Sonic Colors
Klonoa (Wii)
Disney Epic Mickey
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10
WWE All Stars
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
Lego Indiana Jones
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
Lego Batman
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
No More Heroes
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle
Bully: Scholarship Edition
Resident Evil 4 (Wii)

KEEP IN MIND that you should always check a games ESRB Rating to make sure it's appropriate for the person playing it. Most games are rated Teen and under, but there are some Mature rated games that you might not find appropriate. I also am NOT guaranteeing that you'll automatically love every game listed. Some people don't like sports games. Some people don't like First-Person Shooters. Some games are too hard. Sometimes, they're too easy. Or maybe you don't really like "games" and you bought this to do the Zumba (Zumba Fitness) or to Just Dance (Just Dance), that's okay, too. But, like I said, if you want to get the most for your investment, you should consider building a nice size library of games.

I hope I was helpful, and at least, those One-Star Reviewers aren't going to be able to say the Wii "has no games" with this block staring customers in the face.

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